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PRODUCT CARE Get the Most from Your Cartridges


In order to provide you with cartridges that produce high quality documents, most BMToner locations carry more than 150 different premium inks and toners.  

This ensures that our skillfully trained technicians can provide cartridges that match or perform better than printer branded cartridges.

After your cartridge is carefully refilled, follow these steps to keep your printer and cartridge working to its potential; ultimately saving you more money in the long term.

Inkjet Cartridge Care
  1. Never let your cartridge run out of ink completely; your inkjet will burn out if it continues to fire while the supply of ink is cut off.  Instead, always have a replacement cartridge on hand so you can replace it immediately.
  2. If you start to see lines and/or missing dots form on your documents, it’s time to clean the printhead (refer to your printer manual for cleaning cycle instructions). If this fails to clear the problem – call your local BMToner for further assistance.
  3. Do not leave your cartridge in a hot car; this will cause the ink to expand and possibly leak.
  4. Keep the color cartridges in an upright position, the colors will contaminate if left on its side.
  5. After installing a new or refilled cartridge, be sure to print at least 2 test pages.

Toner Cartridge Care
  1. Do not attempt to open the cartridge.
  2. Do not leave the cartridge in a vehicle for any length of time; doing so may distort the plastic in the cartridge.
  3. Store your toner cartridges at normal room-temperatures.
  4. Refrain from exposing your cartridge to excessive light.
  5. When empty, store your toner cartridge in its original plastic bag and cardboard box.
  6. Take all empty cartridges to your local BMToner to recycle or refill.

Note: If your hands or clothes become stained with toner, wash them with lukewarm water and soap. For clothes, simply brush off outside in the open air. Do not wash toner-stained clothes in hot water as the toner will set into a permanent stain. Use cold water only.

We sell OEM cartridges and refill and remanufacture them at tremendous savings. We handle almost every major brand of printer cartridge for home and business use including: HP, Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Lexmark and many more!

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